About Us

When Bernie gave birth to her first little baby boy, she was struck by the multitude of baby products on the market, yet none of them seemed to fit her needs as a new mother or the needs of her little boy. She was constantly frustrated by products that were promoted as best for baby by the big companies but in fact were difficult to use, uncomfortable for her baby, or simply didn’t work as advertised. But instead of giving up, Bernie decided to take matters into her own hands and create a line of innovative baby products that would make life easier for new parents like herself. The first of which is the Baba Bib, an innovative baby bib that is safer and more comfortable for babies with the first prototype having been made by hand and used on Bernie’s first born.

Baby twins on couch

Designers & Manufacturing Experts

Bernie spent months researching and testing different materials, designs, and features to come up with the Baba Dreams product range. She enlisted the help of a team of designers and manufacturing experts to bring her vision to life, and together they worked tirelessly to create prototypes and refine the ideas.

It was a complex process, but Bernie was determined to create products that would not only solve her own problems as a mother, but also help other parents navigate the often overwhelming world of baby products.

Practical, functional, stylish & modern

After many long days and nights, Baba Dreams is getting ready to launch our innovative baby product range. Our products have been designed to not only be practical and functional, but also stylish and modern, appealing to anyone who prefers to purchase premium baby products that are safer, made from more natural and sustainable materials which are sourced and made in an eco-ethical manner. 

As the Baba Dreams family grew from 1 baba to 4 so too did Bernie’s inspiration and the Baba Dreams baby product range was born to include feeding accessories, sleep suits, towels and twin baby products which we are excited to introduce to you over the coming months.

Baby girls on couch

Baba Dreams’ Mission

Baba Dreams mission is to make life easier for new parents everywhere by producing safer, natural baby products that are of superior quality, combining comfort and care of your little Baba with functionality and ease of use for parents. We make products your baby dreams of.

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